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Instructional Classes

60 Minute Classes: The emphasis for this class is a foundation of basic gymnastics skills and fundamental elements on Vaulting, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars and  Floor Exercise. Creative teaching is used to keep the activity level high with plenty of equipment time. Dance and trampoline instruction is included. Each student is placed into a group according to their age and ability - this class is suitable for beginners. The goal is a positive recreational experience for everyone.

Class times for girls ages 5, 6,7
Monday - 4:30-5:30
Tuesday - 6:00-7:00     CO ED CLASS
Wednesday 4:30-5:30
Saturday - 10:30-11:30 or 11:30-12:30

90 Minute Classes: This class includes basic skills and physical conditioning and then gradually introduces new and more progressive activities whenever possible. The length of this class is longer to provide the older girls with more equipment time which really makes a difference. Students are placed according to their ages and ability - beginner through advanced - with a fast pace and lots of personal attention.

Class times for girls ages 5, 6,7
Tuesday - 4:30-6:00
Thursday - 4:30-6:00

Class times for girls ages 8 and older

Tuesday - 4:30-6:00 or 7:00-8:30
Thursday - 4:30-6:00 or 7:00-8:30

60 Minute Tumbling and Trampoline - TNT: This is a special class for tumbling and trampoline instruction only. If your cheer athlete wants to get ahead this is the way to do it. The focus is only on tumbling skills - flexibility and strength training is included. It's the back handspring class. Offered "on demand" individual or group lessons.

Class times for TNT
Tuesday - 7:00-8:00
Thursday - 7:00-8:00

How to Register for Class: DOWNLOAD THE "HOW TO REGISTER FOR CLASS" DOCUMENT. All of the classes are offered on a first come - first serve basis. All that is needed is a permission form, completed and signed, and the proper payment for the registration fee and the class fee. If we cannot place your child immediately, you can ask to remain on a waiting list until more students can be added.

Private and Semi-Private lessons are available 30 or 45 minutes in duration.
Call for times and availability.

Permission Form - Fill out and bring with you when you register or when you come to the first class.
Check out our Brochure.
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