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Competition Teams - Turner's Gym Stars - USAG Competition Team and Turner's Super Stars

Turner’s Gym Stars. It’s our team program for :

     compulsory athletes who participate at Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5

A Mission Statement“our goals” The gymnastics TEAM program is intended to train athletes at a physically high level and prepare them for USA Gymnastics competition. It is a difficult sport – lessons will be learned. Members of the team will come to understand and accept the competitive nature present in the sport without the extra stress and pressure that our society places on winning. Your gymnast will not be confronted with an unhealthy “hyper-competitive” gym experience. Regardless of what your daughter tells you, gymnastics is NOT the center of the universe – CHILDREN ARE.

Gymnastics should be a gift to your child – a chance to live and learn in a controlled and nurturing environment. The staff and I want to offer our unconditional support to everyone with structure and discipline, dignity and respect. There is no one more important than your child – gymnastics related skills will not be valued more than your child’s health and happiness. This will mean that our organization will be somewhat less competitive when we enter a meet, however, I do not favor a more competitive approach to the sport because the additional gains are not always worth the additional risks. A very productive and positive gymnastics experience is possible without expecting everyone to win a gold medal every weekend. “Soccer Moms and Dads” will NOT define the way our program is organized and administrated.

Levels of Participation - Turner’s Gymnastics is affiliated with our national governing body - USA Gymnastics. We will participate in the USAG Junior Olympic age group program Level 3 to Level 5. Athletes are expected to compete as soon as they are ready and this varies from person to person. Hard work and dedication pays off. The kids who get ahead the fastest are the ones who come to every practice and try the hardest. “Developmental” athletes new to the team will be allowed to gradually acquire the skills they need to compete without being forced or pressured to perform.

The gymnastics community is always growing. In order to stay competitive the girls need every moment of practice time they can get (three times a week) to be properly prepared for competition. Please don’t ask to train just once or twice a week. Make plans to get extra practice when you need it every Saturday from 11:30 to 2:00 – NO EXTRA CHARGE. Compulsory Athletes pay $240 per month

These program fees are divided into two parts. The registration fee paid once each year and the monthly fee for team practice.

Registration Fee The yearly registration fee is paid once each season in July or August and is current through June of the following year. The fee includes liability and excess medical insurance, USAG professional membership fees for the coaches and staff training, special program materials, league membership fees when required and USAG Athlete membership fees for all competition athletes.

     Athletes pay $250 per season per person.

Monthly Team Fee Your monthly team fee is paid to the gym on the first practice of each month. A $15.00 late fee will be charged if you make your payment AFTER the first practice of the month. If your monthly team fee is not paid by the third practice of the month your athlete will NOT be admitted to practice. Your athlete may NOT attend a gymnastics meet unless she is in good financial standing with the gym, even if your meet fees are paid in full and no refunds will be allowed if your athlete is held out of competition.

     Athletes pay $250 per month.

Practice Schedule Monday 5:45 to 8:30
  Wednesday 5:45 to 8:30
  Friday 5:45 to 8:30
Open Work – Out Saturday 11:30 to 2:00

Turner’s Super Stars. It’s our team program for :

     pre – competitive athletes making the transition to the team

     beginner compulsory athletes who participate at Level 2 & 3

The most basic team we offer is called the Super Stars. This is for gifted athletes who don’t fit in with the regular instructional classes. These girls learn physical skills faster and they are often stronger and more flexible than other children. After a while they become bored with the instructional activities that are quite acceptable for the rest of the students. These girls want to be challenged and they enjoy the excitement and thrills that comes with advanced gymnastics. We try to make this program as child centered as possible with the emphasis on enjoyment, personal achievement and above all, safety.

The Super Star program is a modest pre - competitive team situation for accomplished athletes who are ready to train on a regular basis. We’re working hard to keep the program from becoming “hyper-competitive” - so we don’t screen every child for competition. This often means we are less competitive than other clubs in the area. Your daughters childhood is more important than “going for the gold” every weekend. Gymnastics builds a strong body and a strong mind, but a sport should never take the place of family, friends, church, school and the chance to just be a little girl.

The trick is to get enough advanced students of the same age together one or two times each week to train effectively. The Super Stars is for girls ages 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 and a couple kids sneaked in at 4 years old - so it’s for little kids. By the time the girls are about EIGHT or NINE they move up and move on to the competition team. There are about 12 girls on this team at any one time, sometimes more... sometimes less.

These program fees are also divided into two parts set at $180.00 each.

Registration Fee each year is $180.00

Monthly Team Fee is $180.00

          Wednesday 4:30 - 6:00
          Friday 4:30 – 6:00

Some months have more practice days than other and you won't pay more. Some months have less practice days and there are no "credits".


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